A list of the courses I am currently coordinating – Please contact me if you need additional information.

(Some additional information might be available through the university LMS if you are registered to the course)

Bachelor and Master level

IT2901: Informatics Projects II (Spring – yearly). In this course, students work in groups to carry out a software project for a customer.

TDT4245: Cooperation Technology (Autumn – yearly). An introduction to cooperation technology.

TDT29: Ubiquitous Cooperation Technology (Autumn – yearly). A theory module that can be associated to various specialization courses.

PhD level

DT8107: Advanced cooperation technologies (Spring 2009). The course includes the analysis of different cooperative settings as well as the study of methods, concepts, formalisms and tools for modeling, analyzing, designing, implementating and evaluating systems supporting cooperation. Focus will be on ubiquitous and mobile technology.

DT815: Learning in technology rich environments (Spring). This course focuses on challenges and opportunities that arise from the introduction of technology in learning and teaching, with the assumption that a technology rich learning and teaching context is qualitatively different than one without technology.

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